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Many people find themselves feeling a little uneasy when visiting the dentist office. At Moreno Valley Dental Center, Dr. James E. Dickey fully understands and offers the very best in dental techniques to help his patients feel at ease when visiting our office.

Moreno Valley Dental Center strives to not only make their customers feel comfortable but also educate their patients on how important preventative dental care is for long lasting, healthy teeth and gums. Over time, we have developed a dental office made up of happy and loyal patients and welcome new patients for years to come.



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24266 Postal Ave
Suite #100
Moreno Valley

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Monday 8am 5pm
Tuesday 9am 6pm
Wednesday Every Other 9am -6pm
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Friday 9am 6pm
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Client Testimonials
Dr. Dickey and his staff explained everything in detail. All the staff members were super professional. I will definitely be back.
Beth Conners