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Moreno Valley Dental Center offers complete services for dental X-rays and at affordable rates. The full-service dental practice ensures that one gets quality services and brings that smile back on their face. The dentists and orthodontists depend on these x-rays to evaluate the dental problem and other issues with the oral health in the patient. The images produced by the digital X-rays help the dentists in making precise and accurate diagnostics. They identify any problem areas and concerns in the oral cavity, regarding the mouth, gums and teeth.

At Moreno Valley Dental Center, advanced procedures are followed and the digital X-rays are completely safe as they use 95% less of the radiation as compared to the conventional X-rays. Let us take a look at different kinds of Dental X-rays

The two main kinds of dental X-rays are intraoral and extraoral.  Read on to know more.

1. Intraoral X rays
These are the common X-rays taken in the dental clinic and you may have probably had one taken already. These X-rays are used by the dentist to learn about the health of the tooth root, the gum tissue around and the bone surrounding. The dentist evaluates the general health of the teeth and jawbone based on Intraoral X-rays.

2. Extraoral X rays
The Extraoral X rays display teeth but focus more on the skull and jaw. The purpose behind these x-rays is different from the Intraoral X-rays and is not used to locate any caries in the teeth. Instead, the dentist makes use of these X-rays to monitor the growth and development of the jaw as well as look for impacted teeth. The mina focus is to look for problems relating to the teeth and the jaw and correct any issues at the earliest.

3. Digital imaging
This is a more recent and newer technique for X-rays and probably your dentist is already making use of these procedures. But instead of an x-ray it is called digital imaging. The images are sent directly to a computer where it can be stored, and printed out. There are many benefits of using Digital imaging and the new technology.  For example, the x-rays are available within a few seconds for use. Moreover, the image can be enhanced and enlarged many times on the computer.


At Dentist Moreno Valley, each of these X-rays carries their own importance and advantages. They help the dentists to devise the right treatment plans for an effective solution for their patients.





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