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Advanced oral surgeries are those in which the condition of the patient is very severe. Patient will not be able to bear the pain and should undertake a surgery immediately. Let us study some of the advanced oral surgical procedures in detail.

Impacted wisdom teeth

Mostly adults suffer from this problem. 4 Wisdom teeth appears in adults at the end of the mouth. They will not have enough room space to erupt so they tend to hit the nearby tooth causing severe pain. Patients have described this pain as unbearable one. Research has proved that about 85% of wisdom tooth cause problem so it is better to remove them at early stage. Dr. Dickey thoroughly examines his patients and reports the necessity for the surgery. He does the surgery by giving his patients dental sedation which causes no pain for them.

Dental Implants

This process helps to restore missing tooth or the entire set of teeth. A device called root made of titanium plays a vital role. These roots are screwed into the jaws and the tooth is fixed. After several days the root fuses itself to the bones around them making the tooth permanently fixed. This method is very successful especially to implant entire set of teeth. Wearing temporary teeth sets would be very uncomfortable whereas dental implants give you very comfortable permanent teeth. A dentist decides the number of teeth, spacing between each teeth and exact location of each tooth.  Dr. Dickey will supervise the positioning and spacing of tooth prior the procedure and gives necessary tips to his colleagues.

Bone Grafting

Extremely fractured bones are replaced by bone grafting method. It is a process that helps to successfully place a new bone or a particular material in the fractured or broken area. In dental terms, a bone grafting is done to patients who require jaw replacement if the jaw bone has undergone any trauma. This method is very successful as they not only fill the void space in jaw bone but also helps new bone to grow in that place. Later the replacement material can be removed.

Pathology and Infections

Both children and adults can have tooth infections. It is very important to consult a dentist and take immediate treatment or else the infection spreads to all the teeth. Some of the infections are heck’s disease, partial Ankylogolossia, odontogenic infection, enamel hypoplasia etc.



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