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Most of us delay our dental visits due to the fear of pain that is caused during a surgery. The uneasiness that is caused to the mind due to the fear of dental surgery is very high. There is a solution to people who feel too much anxious and tensed to sit on the chair while experiencing a dental surgery. Yes! Dental sedation is the only solution to make you feel relaxed. At Moreno Valley Dental Center, Dr. James E Dickey and his staffs will make you very comfortable by their caring treatment. You will no more have a haunting dental experience in your life if you choose to have a surgery at this dental hospital.

Dental sedation is a process that is used to calm and relax a person before undergoing a surgery. Many people misunderstand this to be a drug that puts you to sleep. In this process doctors use a various ways of anesthesia so that the patients feel relaxed. This helps doctors to perform the surgery without any disturbances.

The motto of Moreno Valley Dental Center is to give their patients stress free, relaxed dental experience.  Dr. James E Dickey being an expert in oral sedation dentistry fulfills this motto.

If a person has previous records of being too much anxious during dental surgery then this will help him to stay relaxed. Oral sedation dentistry is a medical procedure where dental surgeries are done with the help of oral sedative drugs. This makes the dental procedure easier by reducing the patients fear.

You will be given oral sedation under circumstances like

  • Having dental phobia
  • If you have medical conditions that make prolonged sitting painful
  • You don’t get numbness by local painkillers or anesthesia

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Don’t misunderstand that oral sedation dentistry is a big process. It is just a pill that patients have to take orally. Prescription is to take one pill on night before and on the day of the surgery. This pill doesn’t make you unconscious. Dentist keeps track of the patients and make sure they are completely in a relaxed mood.  Sometimes patients remember very little incidents during the surgery by this method.

IV Sedation

If a dental surgery is going to be performed for long hours then IV sedation is given to patients. IV sedation is a process where both sedative drugs and constant fluid drip is used.  In this process you will in a sleep mode but will be able to answer t the question asked by dentist. While IV sedation is given your blood pressure, pulse rate etc are monitored well.


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Going to the dentist has always been extremely scarey for me. Dr. Dickey and his staff were amazing. The really made me comfortable during my entire visit. I would absolutely recommend them to all of my friends and family.
Jonathan Byrd